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Is Litecoin just another clone of Bitcoin? Both yes and no. Litecoin is built on the basis of the bitcoin protocol. This is still the same peer-to-peer network consisting of a chain of interconnected blocks of transaction information. It was formed due to the voluntary support of participants who provide their computing power for processing transactions and generating blocks. The essence and purpose of litecoin are similar to the tasks that its older brother was originally designed to solve. It should serve as a means of payment, more convenient, faster and cheaper than ordinary national currencies. Litecoin, frankly speaking, has few differences from crypto gold: different algorithms for the formation of the" bricks "of the blockchain". If bitcoin works on SHA-256, then litecoin will use scrypt, developed by FreeBSD security officer Colin Percival. Initially, it was created for the online service Tarsnap, but it was also suitable for cryptocurrency; increased frequency of block generation. In the bitcoin blockchain, a new block appears every 10 minutes, and in the litecoin network, this process takes only 2.5 minutes; litecoin mining will stop when the total number of coins mined reaches 84 million. The maximum number of bitcoins is 4 times less – 21 million. How is litecoin better than Bitcoin? The developers of litecoin have never claimed to compete with the # 1 cryptocurrency. On the contrary, they believe that bitcoin will serve as the main digital coin. Litecoin will modestly take the place of its useful supplement. Not opponents, but comrades Not opponents, but comrades As a result, our hero has no outstanding features, although there are advantages over bitcoin: transactions are carried out 4 times faster due to the reduced block generation time. Bitcoins reach the addressee in the best case 10 minutes after sending. A payment operation can get into the litecoin blockchain after 2.5 minutes; the transaction queue is smaller. The faster the network processes payments, the fewer transactions languish in the pool waiting for their noble miners. Therefore, transfers can be carried out quickly without increased commissions; transactions are several times cheaper. In December 2017, the average fee for processing transactions in the bitcoin network reached $52, and $1.4 was paid for the transfer of litecoins in the same period. Now there is no excitement in the market, so the amount of fees has fallen significantly. But it is still 3-5 times cheaper to transfer litecoins than bitcoins. There are few advantages, but they definitely make litecoin a more profitable means of payment. Sellers will like the speed of processing transactions, and buyers will like tiny commissions. Is it possible to mine it? For each new block in the litecoin network, miners today receive a reward of 25 coins, which at the current exchange rate is about $ 2.5 thousand. It looks good, considering that this amount is distributed every 2.5 minutes. In addition, litecoin is not very popular among industrial miners, so you can mine coins using relatively simple equipment. Litecoin mining on Asic (Gridseed) Litecoin mining on Asic (Gridseed) Does all this mean that it's time to invest money in litecoin mining? Unlikely, and here's why: it's too complicated. When the price of the coin rose along with the entire market in December 2017, many players switched their computing power to mining litecoin. This, of course, led to a jump in the complexity of mining. Since then, the coin has fallen in price, the excitement around it has cooled down, but the difficulty of mining is still relatively high and does not correspond to the cost of the coin; too cheap. The current rate of litecoin barely covers the costs of mining. A small profit will be able to get only miners who have access to very cheap electricity, and it is better to get free at all; the reward will soon decrease. In the spring of 2019, the reward for generating a block of the litecoin network will be halved: instead of 25 coins, miners will be given only 12.5 coins. If the price of the cryptocurrency does not double by that time, litecoin mining will not bring anything but losses. Can litecoin become the # 1 cryptocurrency? Charlie Lee initially positioned his creation as an organic addition to bitcoin. In his opinion, crypto gold is best suited for storing savings, but when you want to spend your savings, it is better to use litecoin. Indeed, it is more convenient and more profitable for making purchases or paying for services. Litecoin can work in tandem with bitcoin, but it will never surpass it in price and position on the market. Moreover, if the crypto gold still sinks into oblivion, it is very likely that litecoin will follow it. What will happen to his course? From 2013 to March 2017, the price of the coin showed amazing stability. It fluctuated in the range of $3-5 almost all the time. However, in the spring of last year, everything changed. The coin grew rapidly for several months, until it crossed the $350 mark in December. The rebound was painful – now the coin is worth about $100. In general, litecoin is following in the wake of bitcoin, repeating all the bends of its price chart, falling and growing up with it. If the "bears" continue to put pressure on the market (guys who do not buy cryptocurrency for a long time in the hope of its growth, but earn immediately, on fluctuations in exchange rates), our coin will not stand and will sink. It is also easy for her to climb on the bull and repeat the heroic feat of December 2017, and even get to the $400 level and overcome it. But will it happen? Not a disaster, but the best times are already behind us Not a disaster, but the best times are already behind us Analysts ' forecasts about the future of the crypto market for the coming years vary. Many people say that first-generation coins that are not designed to solve specific tasks will leave the market. Litecoin also risks being among this number. This does not mean that it will disappear from the market within 1-2 years or will never update its historical highs again. But the longer-term perspective is vague. In an alternative scenario, bitcoin will strengthen its status as digital gold, and the spread of cryptocurrency as a means of payment will continue. Then litecoin will have a good chance of rising in price. It will take place through the conclusion of partnership agreements with companies, retailers, various online services, etc. The wider the range of organizations that accept litecoins, the higher the price of the coin. It's just a pity that no state wants to recognize cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment. This does not prevent many shops and cafes from accepting digital coins, but there can be no mass distribution of crypto payments in such realities. Sometimes it happens, but rarely Sometimes it happens, but rarely How to store litecoins? Litecoin wallet. Analog, offline Litecoin wallet. Analog, offline There are several recommended wallets on the official website of the cryptocurrency: Litecoin Core-created and supported by litecoin developers. This is a desktop client with support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS. It belongs to the category of "thick" wallets, that is, it requires downloading the cryptocurrency blockchain to the hard disk of the user's computer; Electrum is a lightweight version for PC. It does not require a blockchain download, it is compatible with all popular platforms; LoafWallet is a mobile wallet for litecoin with support for Android, iOS. Where to buy litecoins? Personally from the owner without intermediaries and auxiliary services. There is a chance to stay without both virtual and real coins, but everyone has their own. Through an online exchange. This option will be preferred by a cautious beginner. The exchange rates on the exchangers are frankly extortionate, but even an inexperienced user can exchange their rubles or dollars for litecoins in 10 minutes. On a cryptocurrency exchange. The last point requires special attention. If you have only rubles or dollars on hand, the range of available exchanges narrows down to a short list: C-cex, Exmo, Yobit, Wex, LiveCoin. Do not take this list as a list of recommended exchanges. The tone of reviews about such services varies from enthusiastic to extremely negative. But only on these platforms will it be possible to purchase litecoins for ordinary money at a rate close to the market.
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